Steam Summer Sales dates for 2020 leaked!


It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to choose whether or not to eat ramen for the rest of the pay period. Due to shelling out your hard-earned money, all for some sweet-sweet video games. That’s right, folks. It’s time for the Steam Summer Sale.

Across the worldwide web, people are cheering once again. With hopes of buying cheap games to keep them pre-occupied during the current world health crisis. Pavel Djundik one of the ringleaders behind the Steam insight tool Steam Database. Has leaked the supposed Summer Sale date period. Steam Database is well known for occasionally leaking information that is happening in the future. Such as Game Releases or updates.

As Djundik reports, the Summer Sale will be taking place between June 25th to July 9th. So that’s it, right? Just start putting money to the side and save the date. Well, not entirely, Djundik also claims that Valve is working on a Steam Loyalty program. The program would establish “points” that would be redeemed on badge levels, reward items, and quite possibly game discounts. Although it is rumored and not confirmed, it would make sense to unveil it alongside a significant sale. It’s crazy to think about what this system would mean for Steam. But for now, it’s best just to save the date and wait for an official unveiling from Valve.

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