Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: As close as you can get to real life.


The new title developed by Asobo Studio is a significant game changer for the genre

Last year during E3 2019, Microsoft unveiled one if it’s most ambitious and jaw-dropping video game projects yet. The unveiling depicted the most realistic simulator yet, with a beautiful weather system, terrain that’s generated using the Azure Engine, and an entire planet to explore. With scenery that’s almost indistinguishable to its real-life locations.

So let’s talk about graphics, that’s the easiest thing to notice and pick apart between Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and the other industry competitors. It is powered by a crazy system that takes Bing Maps and tosses the data into an AI Ecosystem called Azure. Microsoft Flight Simulator offers a full planetary VFR experience that no other competitor can match. Quite simply, it’s absolutely revolutionary. Until now, if you managed to invest in the flight simulator genre, and wanted a more realistic and immersive experience you often had to download hundreds of gigabytes of terrain that was pulled off of satellite imagery, that although looked stunning for 32,000 feet. It looked gruesome on the ground. After you had a pleasant experience seeing the countryside by air, if you wanted a more realistic feel on the ground during takeoff and landing. You would have to spend money on addons by third-party developers such as Orbx to get the feeling of buildings and trees all created by modeling the real place.

P3DV5 vs X-Plane 11 FPS/Visual Comparision Orbx South. By u/xops37

The primary issue with buying and installing these scenery packages is the sheer nightmare it can be. Managing storage space for the Simulator itself (which could easily be up in the terabyte range, if you’re an enthusiast) as well as the sheer beating it would make on your wallet. Well look no further, Microsoft and Asobo have taken Azure AI and have shipped just about photo-realistic scenery and terrain free with the Simulator. While the title is still in Alpha, a Reddit post was recently picked up by other gaming press showcasing the similarities between the real world locations, and the places in-game were incredible. Some of which were difficult to discern which one was real. It’s safe to say that the graphics aspect of this sim is unrivaled.

Yes, you can fly around and see your house.

Marismas Nacionales, Mexico comparison by u/Utherellus

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