Man Aims Hunting Bow at SLC Protesters


A man with Utah license plates on his vehicle appeared at a Salt Lake City protest exited black SUV and retrieved a hunting bow from the rear seat before aiming it at protesters.

“Don’t you DARE. Look at this. You call yourself an American?” shouted a female protester.

The Veteran shouts back to the protesters, “yeah, I’m an AMERICAN, all lives matter” before aiming at one of the protesters.

“He’s shooting a f*cking bow,” can be heard in the background.

The video cuts to a protester rushing the bowman and falling to the ground. It appears that the bowman did not fully release his bow, in a video cutscene before the camera moves away. Shortly after that, a mob of protesters congregate upon the bowman and his vehicle to knock him down.


KSTU-TV reports that the name of the bowman is Brandon McCormick, who showed up to Salt Lake City wanting to assist Police Officers with the riots.

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