Armed “Free Americans” Protecting Small Business Owners and Peaceful Protest


In the film, two men dubbed “Free Americans” have been busy patrolling around Minneapolis with their rifles and ended up near a Tobacco store and Sally Beauty Supply.

Despite roadblocks caused by barriers, and rioters occupying streets, police cannot access many areas of Minneapolis. Armed men with good intentions who merely want people to keep the peace showed up to protect business and, most importantly, human lives. “I figure that heavily armed rednecks stood with fellow citizens,” said one of the men.

These four armed men had been moving around stores in the area for two days when they came across a Tobacco store had previously had glass broken by rioters attempting to loot. They saw the scene of some damage to the store and thought they would “better kit and see if these guys need help”. Also, visibly seen in the video are shop owners and outside protecting their store, with machetes.

The intentions of these Free-Americans are two-fold. One of the men makes it explicitly clear that they are supporting peaceful protest, and they don’t want to see people’s rights infringed. “Cops are a lot less likely to try and tread on people’s rights when there are other armed Americans with them,” said one of the men. They also don’t want to see police or protesters cause any needless harm, so they are placing themselves on storefronts to protect the local populace. “I figure, before there were cops, there were just — Americans,” said one of the men bluntly.

Meanwhile, another big outlet store was burning nearby as one of the men stated, “oh yeah Target’s on fire – by the way”.

These men present a great example in protecting American rights: “Justice for Floyd, but we don’t support looting,” said in a closing statement by one of the men.

Did anyone see the guy casually walk out with a machete? Could you say that he brought a knife to a gunfight?

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