Ex-Green Beret, Airan Berry Interrogated by Venezuelan Authorities for the Failed Coup on Nicolás Maduro


  • Airan Berry and Luke Denman, both former Green Berets, were arrested on May 3 for an attempted coup on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Six Venezuelans were captured as part of the paramilitary force formed by ex-Green Berets and Silvercorp USA.
  • Maduro’s government confirmed that eight paramilitary men were killed while attempting to make landfall on May 3.
  • Jordan Goudreau, CEO of Silvercorp USA, has claimed responsibility for the failed coup that resulted in two Americans and 6 Venezuelans arrested.

Venezuelan authorities struck one of the most important topics we want to ask Berry, and that is whether he was subject to any torture, human rights abuses, or Geneva Conventions violations. The interrogator asks, “have your human rights been respected in the place where you are confined.” Berry comfortably replied, “yes, as far as I have experienced, yes,.” 

“This contract was posted several days ago by Jordan Goudreau, it outlines my responsibilities with Silvercorp,” said Berry, while presenting a copy of his mercenary contract to the interrogator on video.

US Mercenary Airan Berry Lied About Where he Lives
Airan Berry and Wife, source unknown.

Another question posed to Berry was his place of residence, and he replied, “I don’t remember it. I have a new address, I don’t have it here. I don’t have it and I can’t remember it.” We all believe that he answered this question in the best interest in mind to protect his wife and children, and rightfully so.

The country of Venezuela recently celebrated its 70th anniversary of being a party to the Geneva Convention in 2019 as part of the 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York, September 2019. Jorge Arreaza, the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, touted this strong commitment to international humanitarian law. The Geneva Conventions comprises of four treaties and three added protocols that outline the standard for humane treatment of prisoners of war.

Today we live in a society where the hunger and quest for power burn more than service to one’s nation – to live the life of a mercenary driven by money. While those in power see no reason to let others have a taste, those who think they stand a chance of managing a nation better are left with no other option, other than eliminating the seating ruler.
While a wide array of individuals and organizations have tried their bid to dethrone presidents and leaders through a coup and succeeded, others keep working and spending hundreds of millions to see such a plan fall through. In the Arab Spring between 2010-2012, we saw the toppling of the governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.

To make matters worse, Jordan Goudreau also publicly tweeted and bragged on social media about Silvercorp USA’s ongoing strike mission into Venezuela on May 3, 2020.

Silvercorp USA on Twitter: "Strikeforce incursion into Venezuela ...
Twitter; @SilvercorpUsa

Ex-Green Beret Fail Coup Attempt
Plots or assassination attempts has been a mainstay in world politics. Every leader of a nation in the world has had an attempt made on their lives at least once. On June 18, 2016, during a rally for the presumed Republican-nominee Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada, Michael Steven Sandford attempted to steal and disarm the service pistol of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer assigned as security for the event. This assassination attempt thankfully failed, and Sandford received a jail sentence of 12 months and one day before being deported to the United Kingdom after six months. With that said, the most recent leader to be a target was the Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro. Whose days as president was almost curtailed by ex-Green Beret whose orders were to “kidnap or kill” President Maduro.

The assassin behind this plot was a Canadian-American soldier Jordan Guy MacDonald Goudreau. He was retired and desperate to monetize his combat experience after leaving the service and an owner of a security firm in the United States. Jordan Goudreau received a substantial offer of $15 million to oversee the death of President Maduro. These seem easy and straightforward, especially for a professional hitman, but such plots rarely succeed. We would like to know who is offering money for these bountiful contracts.

Marcelo Garcia/Venezuelan Presidency/AFP/Getty Images

Jordan Goudreau: The Hitman
Claiming to be behind the assassination attempt on President Maduro, Jordan Goudreau, 43, worked with two other US citizens Airan Berry and Luke Denman. Both of whom have combat experience and served with him in Iraq and Afghanistan in a mission he tagged as “Operation Gideon.” To Jordan Goudreau, his mission to Venezuela was liberation (liberate Venezuela) and the imminent capture of President Maduro in a failed Caracas mission.




Nicolás Maduro: Failed Coup
To Goudreau, nothing but Maduro’s head was to be a success in that coup attempt. In that light, Jordan Goudreau knew everything was in place, considering the leader of the main opposition party in Venezuela may have hired him. Sources say the contract to assassinate Maduro was made official on October 16 with a $212 million to get the job done. With a mouthwatering bounty on Maduro’s head, it is shocking to think Goudreau only received $50,000. Coupled with the fact that Guaido’s office denied any contact with him after Goudreau said Guaido sponsored the coup.

Military equipment used by ex-Green Berets and paramilitary forces.
Miraflores Palace/Handout via REUTERS

Jordan Goudreau: The Freedom Fighter
Like Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Goudreau saw himself as a freedom fighter. While he claims to serve his nation and liberate citizens of other countries in distress, sources close him claim Goudreau’s plot was always about the money and nothing else. Money sources claim he needed to promote his new security company. There is a $15 million reward from the State Department for the capture of Maduro. Which came after he was (Maduro) charged on drug trafficking charges in a Federal Court in Manhattan about a month ago (March).

Goudreau Coup Plot Caused By Debts
This “incredible” Soldier’s military career concluded in 2016 after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan before Goudreau created his private security firm. With that in mind, and if these reports could be believed, a 2018 report opined that the Goudreau had racked up debts of approximately $100,000. All of which were attributed to launching a business aimed at preventing school shootings, including a nasty and costly divorce trial that went against his favor.

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