2 NYPD Officers Shot, 1 Officer Stabbed. Suspect Shot


In Brooklyn, New York at approximately 11:50 p.m. on Wednesday NYPD Officers were approached by a suspect with a knife between Church and Flatbush Ave. The suspect slashed one of the officers in the neck, according to the New York Post.

An officer drew his weapon and a fight for the pistol ensued. Sometime during the altercation, a bullet struck one officer in the hand, and a second officer in the arm.

An NYPD Police Sergeant arriving shortly after during the scuffle managed to shoot the suspect.

The motives of the suspect are not yet known. There is no link if the events that unfolded could be due to the recent mass protests in New York City. The shooter was gunned down by one of the Police Officers. The status of the shooter is not known at this time.

One Officer was Shot, and another officer received a stab wound. The officers were transported to Kings County Hospital. According to a statement from an anonymous NYPD Officer, both wounded Police Officers are expected to survive.

We apologize for the limited detail available at this time.

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